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Fremont Psychotherapy

Doreen Gaffney, MA, LMHCA
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Dore​en Gaffney, MA, LMHC

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​​​​Adolescent, Adult, and Family 

Making the decision to approach therapy is a positive one, although you may have questions or anxieties around it. Therapy provides an opportunity to reflect on where you are, where you want to be, the way you are living and the choices you are making.  At certain points in life every one of us can feel stuck, face challenges, experience frustrations and a sense of dissatisfaction in the way we live our lives. 
There is no given definition of one’s personality and abilities and we each have the potential to create our lives from an enormous range of attitudes and behaviors.​
Therapy offers you a private and confidential space to explore, reflect and be heard, to gain clarity, and to challenge yourself.

I use evidence-based counseling services to provide the best possible results, whether you are dealing with depression and anxiety or need relationship counseling.

I am a warm and down to earth person and my training, clinical experience and life experience are what frames my work.

I use several different approaches to help clients gain insight and create meaningful changes.  

Cognitive Behavior Therapy – CBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy – DBT

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